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Welcome to Letters From Afar, the ongoing story of an explorer traveling the world. Each month, open your mailbox to find a letter addressed to you. Accompanied by vibrant illustrations, field notes, and a map, your monthly letter will whisk you away on a literary adventure to a land far, far away.
You'll learn about different cultures, cuisines, wildlife, landmarks, oddities, heritages, and more! You'll explore castles, trek up mountains, visit souks, wander forests, study ruins, partake in festivals, and sail the seven seas... all from your favorite armchair whilst sipping a cup of tea.
Letters From Afar is an enchanting and nostalgic way to learn about the world. So what are you waiting for?

Let's go exploring.

Letters From Afar Monthly - Letters From AfarLetters From Afar Monthly - Letters From Afar

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Enjoy learning about exotic destinations in a fun, organic way.

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In a time when almost everything is digital, the art of snail mail is going extinct. It's our mission to help keep it alive and well.
There is nothing quite like the nostalgia of receiving a real letter addressed to you. Letters From Afar are for travel lovers of all ages to learn about the world in a fun, old-fashioned way. Not everyone can be a globetrotter. These letters bring a spark of adventure right to your mailbox. 

No matter where you are in the world, chances are, our letters can be delivered to you!

We have readers in every US state and over 40 countries globally. Read more about our mail guarantee here.


Make A Change

A portion of all sales is given to Pencils of Promise. They build schools in less privileged communities around the world.

Don't take our word for it


No screens, just an old fashioned letter. We really enjoy this.


San Antonio

I bought these for my kids, but I think I love them just as much as they do!


Rochester, NY


These are the perfect supplement for our homeschool curriculum. Definitely adds more fun to our month.


Berkeley, CA

I bought a subscription on a whim, and now I have over 36 letters. I still love to go back and read them all


Dublin, Ireland

Previous Adventures

Siem Reap, Cambodia


Kiso Valley,

Letters From Afar Monthly - Letters From AfarLetters From Afar Monthly - Letters From Afar

Luxor, Egypt

Merzouga, Morocco

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