Letters From Afar was an idea I had while painting one day. I've been an artist for most of my life, and traveling has always been my main priority.  Combining my two greatest loves, art and travel, Letters From Afar was set into motion. What better way to learn about the world than by a letter in the mail?


In my letters, I want to educate readers on not only iconic cities but also lesser known areas. For example, one letter might elaborate the magic of Paris - another may dive into the culture of a small Peruvian village. The world is vast and there is something fascinating to learn no matter what! Every destination that Isabelle explores is thoroughly researched before composing the letters to ensure facts are correct. When possible, the letters are written on location during my actual travels abroad.


Every monthly letter is digitally drawn, painted and written as an original work of art. A typical letter will feature illustrations and imagery of the region. Next, high-quality prints are made using thick, quality paper. Each monthly letter will also include a separate, dual sided page featuring a real map of the destination and a page from Isabelle's field notes. You are guaranteed to learn something new!