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Six Months

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Looking for the perfect gift idea? You've come to the right place. This is a six-month subscription to Letters From Afar. The recipient of your choosing will receive one letter per month for six consecutive months.

Mailing schedule

If you are subscribing before the 10th, your first letter will mail ON the 10th.

If you are subscribing after the 10th, your first letter will mail in 2-7 business days.

Charge Schedule

This subscription will NOT automatically renew after the six months are complete. 


Please be sure to enter the recipient's name (ex: The Smith Family) when prompted at checkout. Also, be certain to DOUBLE CHECK the shipping address to ensure there are no errors. This is to make sure the lucky reader gets their letter promptly and without issue! 

What Our Readers Think


I wish I knew about these sooner. My family LOVES them.


Sante Fe, NM


My kids literally run to the mailbox everyday to check for their letter. So fun!


United Kingdom


I bought these for my dad who's in a nursing home. He really looks forward to having something uplifting to read.




My husband signed me up for this as an anniversay gift! They're like my little bucket list reminders.